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Although municipalities define institutions that are responsible for meeting the civil and common needs of the local people, neither the municipalities' powers nor resources are sufficient to manage themselves. Despite this, we strive to provide the best service in the district with the principles of disciplined, budget control and luxury-free savings. With the disciplined system established within the framework of Laws in both budget and management, services are brought to the feet of our people, and while these services are being rendered, services that are benefited by the society, rather than the interests of the people, are carried out. The contribution of our esteemed elders in our government is great in the services provided. With the support of our people, the devoted efforts of our councilors and staff, our beautiful district Pazaryeri is provided with the services it deserves.


To act with a vision of a transparent, participatory, efficient, socially responsible and fair municipal administration, to increase urban development and the life level of the people of the city; We run our services in order to become a pioneer and exemplary municipality. Without compromising the needs of today's generations as well as the needs of today; With the understanding of Industry, Agriculture, History, Culture and Tourism and with the sense of municipality, the example is to create the developing and developing Pazaryeri district.



1. Participant

2. Fair

3. Planned

4. Good quality

5. Innovative

6. Team Work

7. Professionalism

8. Reliability

9. Motivation

10. Transparency

11. Sustainability

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