Resume of the President

Zekiye TEKİN was born in the 1978 Pazaryeri/Bilecik

She completed his primary school at Pazaryeri Cumhuriyet Primary School, Secondary School at Pazaryeri Secondary School, and his high school education at Pazaryeri High School. She is a 2nd grade student at Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration.

In order to improve himself, he attended courses in art, language and various fields in the public education center.

She worked in a private company in Pazaryeri district between 1996-2003.

In 2004, she started to work as secretary in Pazaryeri Municipality and served in Pazaryeri Municipality for 15 years.

While continuing to work as a foundation for each unit of 15 years of municipal services, it carried out its works by organizing and coordinating all the activities and activities that the public and bureaucracy involved in the social activities of the Municipality, other institutions and non-governmental organizations.

She spends his free time on walking, cultural excursions, artistic and social activities and evening courses.

In the local elections of March 31, 2019, She won the election as a candidate for mayor, and won the election. Became Mayor of the Pazaryeri.

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