Real Estate Transactions



Property tax; land is paid for land and building. A citizen with this property is obliged to pay property tax. Those who will pay property tax must apply to the property tax unit of the relevant municipalities. During the application, persons should keep the title deed or the title deed related to the real estate with them. Persons who go to the unit related to the deed have to fill in forms and declarations for each property type, such as land, land or building. These statements; Land, Land, Building Declarations.

Documents Required for Real Estate Tax Accrual and Accrual for New Acquired Real Estate Agents

  • Deed photocopy of the immovable acquired
  • Copy of identity card - Tax Number, TR Identity Number
  • Address of the Immovable Property, residence address of the land registry owner, phone
  • If there is a Licensing License, Photocopy of Building Usage Permit.
  • Real Estate Tax Notification (To be filled out by the taxpayer according to the Land Registry, Building Usage Permit and Identity information.)
  • If the declaration of the immovable property is made at least 1 year after the Acquisition Date, the Penalty Discount Petition to be issued in accordance with the provisions of Article 376.



Documents Required for Exiting Tax Liability for Real Estate Tax For Persons Who Sell or Transfer Their Real Estate

  • Tax Number, TR Identity Number
  • Residence address and telephone of the immovable seller
  • From the Taxpayer Petition (To be filled in by the selling person according to the new title information)
  • A copy of the title deed of the person receiving the immovable or a document indicating to whom and on what date the immovable was purchased from the Land Registry Office.
  • Tax Schedule
  • Our citizens, who are taxpayers within our district every year, can pay the first and second installment period fees of our Real Estate debts to our municipality in May and November. In addition, our tradesmen taxpayers who have advertised advertising tax debts in February and May can pay their 1st and 2nd Term fees to our Municipality.

For payments not made until these dates, after these dates, the monthly legislation will be charged a delay. As an e-municipality user, you can pay your debt to the counter of our municipality by paying your Ad-Advertisement-Real Estate debts via E-Services -> E-Municipality menu on our website.

You can also track your payments and debts by entering the information on the E-Services -> E-Municipality -> New User page on the website of our municipality, or through the E-Government portal.

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