Pazaryeri Municipality July Assembly Meeting was Held

06 July 2020 09:41 Pazaryeri Municipality 227

Pazaryeri Municipality July Assembly Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Mayor Zekiye Tekin in Pazaryeri Municipality Meeting Hall.



Following the interruptions within the scope of corona virus measures, the first ordinary Assembly Meeting was held.

In the City Council;


  • Giving information about the 2019 Audit Report.
  • Discussing the 2019 Annual Report.
  • Discussion of Final Accounts for 2019.
  • Election of municipal council members.
  • Election of Plan and Budget commission members
  • Election of reconstruction commission members
  • Discussing the rental status of closed workplaces due to Covid-19.
  • Discussing the name of the street.


In the meeting with the agenda items, the discussion of the Audit Report, Annual Report and Final Accounts was accepted unanimously.

As a result of the equality in the voting made in the selection of the New Municipal Committee Membership, Selami Özdil and Gökhan Değirmen were elected to the Council Membership by drawing lots.

Erkan Karakaş, Volkan Onur and Mehmet Duvan were elected as members of the Plan and Budget commission, and Hüseyin Ünal, Bayram Benli and Mehmet Uzun were elected as members of the Reconstruction Commission.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it was also unanimously decided that the rentals owned by Pazaryeri Municipality will not be rented for 3 months.

A part of the Yukari Cami Street was named as 410 Sokak as a result of the petition given at the request of the citizens in Beşikli District. Assembly Members to the Assembly Meeting; Bayram Benli, Mehmet Duvan, Selami Özdil, Mehmet Uzun, Erkan Karakaş, Gökhan Değirmen, İsmail Turan, Volkan Onur, Hüseyin Ünal attended completely, while Deputy Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party Haluk Filizli and Good Party District President Ender Metin attended as guests.

The Assembly Meeting ended after the wishes and wishes were spoken.

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