Pazaryeri Municipality Brings Classrooms Home With A Virtual Classroom Project Suitable for the Digital Age

17 September 2020 11:27 Pazaryeri Municipality 157


With the Virtual Classroom Project uploaded to the official website of our Municipality, the Digital Education system, which includes online courses, professional video trainings, mock exams, subject re-tests, detailed question solutions and many more, was offered to our students.

All students who enroll in the Digital Education system at will be able to benefit from the Digital Education system, which will assist all of the courses of secondary and high school students.

Making a statement about the Virtual Classroom Project, our Mayor Zekiye Tekin said, “We, as Pazaryeri Municipality, put our hearts under the stone, next to the huge steps taken by our government at the point of education. We set out with this understanding. We aimed to support the education of our children and youth. We have implemented a project that will contribute to ensuring equal opportunity in education. I would like the Virtual Classroom to reach all our students in Pazaryeri district, as a first put forward by Pazaryeri Municipality. Digital Classroom will also remove barriers to education. We, as Pazaryeri Municipality, are taking the classroom to the homes of our youth with this project. "The Marketplace will be in a much better position in the future with the network of Visionary Municipality, Successful Students and Happy Parents."



Secondary and high school students between 5th and 12th grade will be able to benefit from the Digital Class, which will be accessed at Students will be able to access the virtual classroom based on remote access technique from their computers, tablets or mobile phones at any time of the day, watch lessons, download and solve practice questions. There will also be trial exams in the system, which is a supportive education model. Special live broadcasts will be made for 8th graders who are preparing for LGS and 12th graders who will enter TYT and AYT. Students will be able to ask questions to the instructors. Parents will be able to follow the success graph of the students on the same site.


With the project, which will include content compatible with the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education, the classroom will be taken to the homes of disabled students. A total of 3,700 hours of training videos prepared by expert trainers will be supported with subtitles for the use of hearing-impaired students.


Students who want to take advantage of the Virtual Classroom need to register with Pazaryeri Municipality or at with a photocopy of their identity card, residence and education certificate.


Charitable citizens who want to contribute to the education of our young people in the marketplace and to contribute to the Virtual Classroom project, which is implemented in order to minimize the education budget of our families, will be able to make conditional donations to the accounts opened by the Pazaryeri Municipality. We expect the contributions of our philanthropists who want to support our project that will touch the future of our children living in the marketplace.

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